25 Mar 2019


We’re already a few months into 2019… And I’m still seeing businesses not using marketing trends to their full potential. If you still haven’t started using these trends. You need to. Here’s where we suggest you start. 

  1. 360 Video – While video already catches the attention of users on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram… Interactive video reigns Supreme. If you haven’t seen a 360 video before, here is a link:      What makes these videos so special is the users’ ability to interact. And as you can guess, this interaction increases audiences’ involvement. This might seem like “gimmick” To grab engagement, but 90% of people say they enjoy the 360 view. Your fancy 360 videos will also grab you an 8x’s click rate over traditional videos. 
  2. IGTV – The numbers of users on Instagram keeps jumping higher and higher. It just makes sense to follow where the people go. But if you haven’t tried IGTV yet, you’ve been missing out. And in case you have no idea what I’m talking about… while you can watch IGTV on Instagram… there is a completely separate app you can download. So, what makes this app so great? Videos play instantly, like back in the 90s when you just turned on your TV. IGTV is all about user experience, no need to rotate your phone… Videos are all vertical. 
  3. Mobile Payments – Our little town has an amazing burger joint that we love to visit. My biggest complaint? They only take cash. Still. In 2019. I’m sure the owner is “fighting the administration.” If you’re anything like me, I would gladly pay an extra 5% (or more) on my bill be able to swipe my card an not carry cash. Consumers want things to be made simple. Giving your customers the option to use a card won’t be enough anymore. Mobile payments have been expanding over the years… in 2015 at the launch of mobile payment, consumers spent around $400 billion annually. Last year in 2018, user spent around $8.5 billion dollars… And 2019 mobile payments are projected to hit over $1 trillion. 
  4. Influencers – By nature, people search for like-minded people. While having a celebrity appearance on your company might seem tempting, but consumers are looking to hear from people they trust for recommendations. If you think of how things used to be run (back in the good ol’ days), this is the “word-of-mouth” marketing your brand needs. Influencers are picky and typically only back products they actually love. Influencers can be found anywhere – but make sure you find an influencer that works with your marketing plan. If you want to market locally, find a local influencer. If your business reaches a national audience, find someone to help influence your business on a national level.  
  5. Personalized Messages – Did you know that 2 billion messages are sent between people and businesses on Facebook every month? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg… Social messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram are climbing in user numbers every day. Social messaging through Facebook messenger allows customization for each unique user. Adding someone’s name into an invite might not seem like a big deal, but it definitely grabs the users attention! 
  6. Search By Image – With more and more users scrolling on their phones each day, visual searches have risen. Pinterest makes the visual search process even easier! Pinterest amplified this experience when they launched Lens. This allows users to take a picture of an item and find out how to purchase it online or to view boards with related items.  Google Lens is competing in a similar way – offering Visual searches with Google (currently only available with the Pixel phones). 
  7. Voice Search – if you’ve ever yelled out for Siri, Alexa, or Hey Google, you’re among the growing voice search users. Increasing voice search has made it vital for companies rethink their marketing strategy. Take a nod from giants like Dominos to allow users to order a pizza through their Amazon Alexa devices. Not only will voice searches continue to increase, but you’ll soon be able to purchase ad space from devices like Google and Alexa where you can “sponsor” someone’s voice search. 

Which of these marketing trends are you going to (finally) add to your business? Let us know if the comments!


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