Author: Chris

CO-CEO of Ipseity 360 Inc.; Favorite Wing Sauce: Stingin' Honey Garlic
28 Aug 2019

Wow! Where has the time gone…

It has been a minute since we last checked in on the blog here. No Seriously this summer has been super crazy for Ipseity360. We have a several projects in the works, a podcast, a new venture in the early stages, a search for a bigger office. Update on a few projects: We are working

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21 May 2019

Don’t Get Bullied

Being an Entrepreneur is hard enough as it is.  Don’t allow yourself to get bullied by bigger businesses, your clients, or your competition.  Build your tribe.  Make allies in your niches.  Bring community over competition in your business.  We are stronger in numbers. Stats from the last US Census states that there are 29.6 million

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