21 May 2019

Don’t Get Bullied

Being an Entrepreneur is hard enough as it is.  Don’t allow yourself to get bullied by bigger businesses, your clients, or your competition.  Build your tribe.  Make allies in your niches.  Bring community over competition in your business.  We are stronger in numbers.

Stats from the last US Census states that there are 29.6 million small businesses contributing to the US Economy.  To break that down even further only 20% of them have employees (5.8 million).  That means the other 80% are sole entrepreneurs (sole proprietor or Single Owner LLC)  that comes out to 23.8 million businesses.  Small businesses make up the majority of the economy in the US.*


Because you are a small business, that doesn’t mean that you are any less of a business than any other business out there.  Just remember this quote “I am small but mighty!”

Many people see you as a sole entrepreneur and take advantage to of that.  There are many people (not all) that look at a small business as a way to get a deal the price or service that you offer.  “You’re the owner, so I can haggle with you.”  I used to work retail and now own two thriving businesses.  When I worked retail I noticed that many people would just take the product off the shelf and just pay for it.  On the other hand I see that I get beat up on price in my other two businesses more often than I did as a Manager at a large Office Supply Store.

A very good book that I recommend is called “Never Split the Difference” by Chris Voss.  This book is not for everyone.  The author is a former FBI agent and goes through a lot of tactics used in interrogation and how it can be used in business.  I will admit that I listened to it on Audio Book through Audible.

My recap on advice above:

1. Build Your Tribe

Entrepreneurship is a very lonely road!  This is imperative for your sanity.  If you build your tribe with other entrepreneurs, then you have like minded individuals in your corner.  If you build your tribe with your clients, then you have a very good “study group” to test new services or products with for feedback.  I would recommend building your tribe with clients, competitors, and your business networking group members.  This will allow you to have a good clutch when needed.

2. Make Allies!

This goes back to the notion of community over competition.  Remember that OLD quote bring friends close and your enemies closer.  I interpret this as don’t burn your bridges and you never know when someone who is your competition can come to your aid or be a great collaboration.    Make your clients in your niches your allies also.  A good client will always sing your praises until they can’t anymore.  Bring your clients into your business networking groups, this is an awesome way to show your clients how well you are invested in your business.

3. Community over Competition

Finally my last tip to succeed!  It is exactly what it is and what it means, community over competition.  We are a great example of this…. We both had our own marketing companies and we had our own strengths.  We created IPSEITY360 to bring everything together and up our game!  We both are members of a group called The Rising Tide Society.  We have a local chapter called Tuesdays Together.  Find a group that you have members of similar interests and grow together.


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