17 Mar 2019

FALSE: Work-Life. Balance.

“If you focus, and organize things, having a work-life balance is obtainable”.

To be said in a snotty tone… “If you focus, and organize things, having a work-life balance is obtainable”.

Good gravy. I’m so sick of hearing that. If you’ve ever actually sat down and talked with a business owner, you’ll see that’s your lif, work, you name it category, is a complete crazy disaster of spaghetti.

Well you can try to balance your work and life, somethings always going to slip. You’ll feel like your business is running smoothly, then look in the mirror and find out you gain 20 pounds. True story.

There will be a season in life when your kids are happy and you feel like you’re giving them enough attention… And then realize that your marriage has been put on the back burner for too long. True story.

Or, you’re like me, trying to balance family and your work… And nearly kill yourself in the process because you’re trying to deal with a chronic disease too. Crazy, scary true story.

And that’s OK! We’re not made to do it all… And we can’t do it all. It’s totally fine.


That’s what I’m going to encourage you to start looking for help. Whether that’s help with cleaning your house. Having somebody else grocery shop for you. Hiring an in-person or virtual assistant… Something has to give.

Chris and I are huge advocate of The Rising Tide Society. If you don’t know our story, we met in a local chapter called Tuesdays Together. Whole goal of the group is to bring creative entrepreneurs out of their little bubbles… and give them a chance and an opportunity to connect, build, grow, and learn.

Entrepreneurship is such a lonely journey. You don’t have to do things alone. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, I would highly encourage you to find a local rising tide chapter. If your business isn’t of the creative persuasion, that’s totally fine too! Look for a local HBBA organization. Or even join your local Chamber of Commerce.

Heck, find five other people you can get together with and start your own mastermind group. Just once a month for you I’ll sit down together share knowledge, share struggles, and just be real, open people together.

Go. Do it now.



  1. Excellent insight! I, too, work from home. There are days when the biz attitude flows and there are days when I would rather do housekeeping. I certainly can’t do it all in one day!

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. We’re not made to do everything… and that’s okay!


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