17 Mar 2019

How To Brand Your Business This Weekend

I’m gonna give you the quick crash course: How to Brand Your Business This Weekend. Buckle up, sweetie. You’re mind is gonna explode.

1. Mission/Slogan – I’m really surprised how many businesses I find that do not have a mission or a slogan. Why are you even in business? What is the purpose or reason that makes you get up out of bed every morning and do what you do. Why did you even start doing this? You need to have a clear, defined mission or slogan that your customers can recite. I don’t really care what it is, but people need to be able to remember it. If you don’t have this defined, no one’s going to care about your work.

2. Choose colors – you might think you have colors… But if you used a template off of a site like the Vista Print to create your business card, those are not your business colors! Business colors are custom to you and they also give your audience a “vibe“ for who you are and what you’re about without saying a word. I’m talking about custom colors that create emotion and evoke a psychological thought process from your customer. Not sure what colors mean what? Keep reading: RED – Excitement, Youthful, Bold ORANGE – Friendly, Cheerful, Confident YELLOW – Clarity, Optimism, Warmth GREEN- Peaceful, Growth, Health PURPLE – Creative, Imaginative, Wise BLUE – Trust, Dependable, Strength. WHITE – Balance, Neutral, Calm BLACK – Sophisticated, Wealth, Strength our

3. Rockstar Images and Video – You’ll want images and video, not just to show people who you are, but you’ll need your own custom stock images for your website, social media, and lead generation. If you’re going through the trouble already of a photo shoot, you might as well add video too! No sense in wasting any time. You don’t need a ton of videos right away… But something so people can see your face and get to know you would be excellent. Your main video should tell people your slogan/mission statement… A video where you were wearing your “company colors “… Are you seeing a trend here? You’ll also want a little behind the scenes video to… Allowing customers to see into your world will gain great traction with your audience.

4. Copy/Text – How are you going to reply when people message you? How are you going to sound when you write a post? What do your blogs sound like? You have a blog… Right? This might not sound like a big deal, but it will be once you start adding employees… Or virtual assistants to help with work. If you haven’t noticed already, I have a semi-snarky, sarcastic, bubbly personality when I write. I typically write like how I would sound in real life. When people read my words, I want them to feel like they’ve already met me. Isn’t that the goal?

5. Website – I’m not done yet, and the snowfall is rolling into something bigger and bigger every minute. Time to implement what we already have above… And throw it onto a website! That’s right. you want to make sure that your website clearly shows your slogan/mission statement, correct branding colors, images, video, and copy.

Phew! Well, that wasn’t everything… But for a quick weekend challenge, this is just what you need!

If you feel totally stressed out, lost, or even slightly confused… I don’t blame you. This our my wheel house. This is what we live breathe eat and sleep every day. It is literally my job to look at a businesses and analyze them. It’s also our job to take all of the above, plus more… and present it in an easy, manageable, laid out plan. From finding everyone from the photographer, to the videographer, to a copywriter, SEO for your website, website design… Chris and I take you take care of everything.

If you would rather take the weekend off, Chris and I would love to help you with a free brand analysis! Just fill out a contact form (include your social media links and website), and we would love to schedule a consultation with you!


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