17 Mar 2019

What to Post in 5 Easy Steps

There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank screen trying to figure out what to post. Well, actually, not posting it all is even worse. I’m gonna break down what you need to do to make posting easy, simple, and streamlined! Let’s jump in!

Pick 5 categories. Repeat.

“What? Ummmm… I came here for you to give me advice. Was that it? “

Slow down, roadrunner.

I am going to share with you my five categories and why this is the most brilliant way of posting.

My Family / My Hobbies
Current work
Behind the scenes
Business Tip/ Pitch

“Hey, yeah, how are people gonna know what I do if I only tell them about it once a week?”

Exactly. That’s exactly why people are going to want to work with you. Anytime you make yourself to be seen as a real person, people are going to want to really know you. They’re going to follow you, empathize with you, and relate to you on a deeper level… Gaining their trust is key. Allowing people to see you as a real person is first and foremost.

People who follow you who might not even need your business. At least… not yet. But anytime I share about the health journey I’m going through, I get instant feedback, comments, and connections with other real people. Building these little connections in different categories will keep me at the forefront of someone’s mind.

And my friend, personal connections are more valuable than anything you can “pitch” to a cold, lifeless audience.

These five categories that you’re going to post and are not necessarily the “Holy Grail” of posting. If you need to post about an affiliate that you’re working with, post it. If you need to post about an upcoming event that you’re hosting, post it. The whole point is that you’re mixing things up. Letting your audience know you so they can find new ways to relate to you.

Comment and tell us your 5 categories.


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